Monday, September 10, 2012

Update on the Maryland Project

Progress in Maryland
Dear Volunteers,
Thank all of you who have taken an interest in the Maryland Project.
We have been providing information about John Clemens because he attacked the clinic workers at Dr. Carhart's office. I am pleased to say we can discontinue the project, at least for now.
Voice of Choice has a goal to lower hate and rhetoric. While we may disagree with the beliefs and opinions of those on the pro-life side, we respect their rights to have their opinions. We stand up for those who are being bullied and harassed by people who do not respect the rights of others who disagree with them.
In my interviews and blogs I continue to ask the same sarcastic question, "Don't you want the unsolicited opinions of strangers?" Of course no one does. That is what makes the phone calling campaigns effective. The people doing the harassing learn that what they are doing is uncomfortable and unchristian like. They also learn that they will not be able to bully people with impunity.
I had a very civil dialog with John Clemens yesterday. John is passionate about his beliefs, like many of us. However, until Voice of Choice started to contact him he did not fully understand that not everyone feels the same way he does. I think that when you are totally involved in a cause you find a peer group that shares your passion and agree with you. That is John's peer group and people he spends his free time socializing with.
The efforts of Voice of Choice have opened his eyes. He now understands how people outside his circle perceive his behavior and he may be able to communicate that to others close to him.
John has promised not to contact or bully any clinic workers. He has promised to stay within socially acceptable limits while fighting for his cause. I am prepared to take John at his word, at least for now.
Please stop calling John Clemens. We will keep track of John and everyone else who acts aggressively and ask for your participation in stopping unwanted behavior when it is warranted.
Please consider this a victory for Voice of Choice. We were able to stop the attacks and bring down the level of hate.
I look forward to your comments.
Thank you all again for your continued support. 
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Maryland Project

Maryland Clinic Under Attack

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Dear Volunteers,

Our friends in Germantown, Maryland need some support from Voice of Choice. Some of you know that Germantown, Maryland is where Dr. Lee Carhart performs late term abortions. Dr. Carhart started working in Germantown after his partner, Dr. George Tiller, was murdered in church in Kansas.  Dr. Carhart is the target of the most aggressive pro-life groups in the country.

Recently, a man named John Clemens started calling Dr. Carhart's clinic. He demanded a conversation with Dr. Carhart. He refused to provide his real name or contact information. When the clinic staff refused to transfer his call he started to threaten and bully the clinic staff. He was never willing to provide his true name to the clinic staff.

The clinic staff discovered his identity once he started sending dozens of threatening faxes to the clinic. When they called him at home to ask him to stop his harassment he became even more abusive and vowed to continue his efforts until the clinic is shut down.

You may want to give John Clemens your opinion on bullying and intolerance. It is obvious he enjoys the unsolicited opinions of strangers, because he is very willing to give others his opinions. So feel free to tell him your feelings about how he treats people that don't agree with him. He also is very committed to his religion and frowns upon anyone who does not share his religious viewpoints. You may want to let him know that sort of attitude constitutes intolerance.  

I am not sure he expects people like you to support and stand up for the clinic. Based on a conversation I had with him, he is used to making these kinds of attacks without getting a response. After all, before Voice of Choice there was no organized response to these kinds of attacks.    

John Clemens lives at 528 Monet Drive Rockville, MD 20850. His phone numbers are 301-340-2933 and 301-537-7333. His email is If you want to poke him on Facebook his page is

As always, Voice of Choice works to tamper the rhetoric and the hate.  To meet that goal, please NEVER ARGUE with those you call, and be peaceful and calm in your demeanor.  Please do not leave any voice messages-if you do not reach them please keep trying, and once you reach them please do not call again.

As always, if you wish to make calls and need to get a virtual phone number to keep your identity private or make you calls for free, please respond to this email with that request. 
Thank you all again for your continued support. 


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