Monday, June 11, 2012

Logic anyone?

by Valerie B.

When I think of my three wonderful children, which is almost every second, from conception to birth, to every milestone of their lives, I marvel at the mystery of life, the wonder of birth and the love of being a mother. People who oppose abortion may envision a sweet cuddly infant, soft, clean, healthy and loved, the picture most portrayed and most enjoyed by those leaving a hospital with a beloved newborn.

However, the reality is far different for many. Many are born to crack addicted women, prostitutes, abusers, addicts of all kinds or parents who have absolutely no desire or ability to care for another human. These children can end up abused, neglected and in foster care. The majority who endure the foster care system will end up incarcerated at some time. Those born to addicts may have exorbitant medical expenses and limited potential. It’s a sad, sad thing and a huge burden to society, all because abortion wasn’t readily available and free.

For the young girl living in poverty, a pregnancy allowed to take it’s course will likely  guarantee a life of poverty for the mother and child. This becomes a huge burden to society in terms of health care, baby formula, food stamps, welfare, and all the other government programs that make this mother a slave on the government plantation. Government should pay for birth control and abortions on demand just like they pay for every pregnancies, delivery, formula, etc... For society as a whole, it’s cost efficient compared to paying for the prenatal care, delivery and hospitalization, baby formula, food stamps, welfare, housing and health care.

In an ideal world there would be no abortions just the same as there would be no child abuse, no poverty and no unwanted pregnancies. But, all these things are forever part of the human condition. And, people are going to have sex. Abstinence? Really? Just because two people have sex and an egg is fertilized in the process is no reason to create an unwanted child.

To those who oppose abortion based on religious belief, my answer is this: God is pro choice. Most abortions are natural, spontaneous, miscarriages. God believes in abortions, causes them, just the same as God allows science to create pregnancies through in vitro and artificial insemination. God can tell a woman to seek abortion just as some believe God tells them to try in vitro or artificial insemination. One other point worth mentioning is that we live in a country that allows religious freedom. I do not impose my religious beliefs on you and you have no right to impose yours on me.

Why are some people so interested in what others do with their bodies? Do they really want more children born to crack addicted mothers, prostitute and addicts of all types? Do they really want more children raised in the foster care system? Do they really want more adults who end up incarcerated as do so many from the foster care system? Do they really believe that at three months, a three inch long fetus is a human?

No, I don’t see abortion as murder or the killing of a baby or a child. I’m sure it’s an unbelievably difficult decision for the majority of women who choose it. But, leave that to the woman and her God. The notion that I can choose for you or you can choose for me when best to procreate is absurd.

Above all, know this. Someone you know and love has had an abortion. You will never know it. It may be your mother, sister, wife or daughter. She did this in secret, for reasons that were terribly difficult for her. You would trust them to bring a person into this world. Trust them to know when it isn’t the right time to do so.

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