Friday, April 13, 2012

Recent Exposure and Continued Growth of Voice of Choice

I want to welcome our new members and volunteers. Voice of Choice has grown nearly 100% in the past two weeks due to some very favorable exposure. The Washington Post published an article about Voice of Choice that had over 1 million hits.

The reporter, Petula Dvorak, called me on for a follow up interview on April 2. The feedback to the Post focused on two aspects how Voice of Choice approaches the problems of bullying and harassment. First we craft calm and measured responses. We want to send a message so that the people responsible for the anti-social behavior understand that they will be held accountable for their actions and at the same time lower the propensity for violence and hate.

Second, we respect everyone's first amendment rights and we respect everyone's opinions and beliefs. We do not agree with everyone's opinions and beliefs, but in America we respect everyone's rights to freedoms granted by our Constitution, but limited by laws and community standards. 

The exposure that Voice of Choice and our mission has received in the media and in the blogosphere has already had an impact.  Just shining a light on the threatening and offensive behavior or radical activists has diminished the activity.  Most people who know that their behavior is wrong do not want to be exposed or be held accountable, and the credible threat of unleashing an army of people bent on justice is enough to stop about 90% of people from bullying other people. That is consistent with classic bully behavior and it means that our mere existence is effective.

But we cannot break everyone’s resolve, and there is still much work for us to do.  We continue to receive requests from people for help with their harassment issues.  Now, with many more volunteers, we can more effectively come to their aid, and I am in the process of organizing our next campaigns.  Stay tuned!

The growth of Voice of Choice has been amazing, but we are now too big and have too many volunteers for me to work alone. I need at least a part time staff.  I am asking each of you for a donation of $36 for the year ($3 per month) so that we can hire someone. If you cannot afford it, please donate what you can.  And for those of you that can afford it, please help make up for those who cannot.

I believe in our mission,  and I know you do too.  I believe that our mere existence will give pause to people who might otherwise engage in anti-social behavior. Most important, I believe Voice of Choice is becoming a true force in preserving woman’s rights.   And I am grateful that you have chosen to join our effort. 

Todd Stave, Director



  1. Where can we contribute? Is there a PayPal and/or credit card process?

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