Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why should I have to explain

My husband and I took my teenaged daughter for an abortion at a Houston clinic. We drove past protestors who had a giant, almost billboard-sized sign showing what must have been a late-term abortion or some such horror. There were a handful of screaming protestors, ironically mostly males. They were not on the clinic's property but across the street, but were still in view of the clinic door and entire parking lot. My husband pulled as close to the door as he possibly could and I walked my daughter in with a jacket pulled over her head. He parked the car and had to walk across the lot to their
screaming at him.

This clinic did a pregnancy test and then an ultrasound and we were told that the fetus wasn't where it was supposed to be, that it appeared to be tubal and that they weren't equipped to handle that. They advised us to go to the Family Planning clinic.

I scheduled an appointment with Family Planning. My daughter and I walked from the parking lot with an attendant who helped keep the one protestor who was there that day away from us. Later on I came downstairs and sat outside (I used to smoke) and that protestor walked over to the fence and started calling to me. I tried to ignore her but she kept saying "I know you can hear me" and "You and your daughter have a choice" and "Don't kill this poor child" and that sort of thing. A Family Planning staffer came over  and asked if I needed  assistance, at which point I got up and just went back inside. I have to say that Family Planning really did a good job of looking out for its patients and their families.

Family Planning (at least in Houston) isn't equipped to deal with a tubal pregnancy either so we wound up at my OB/GYN's office. Chemotherapy drugs were administered to terminate the pregnancy.

The sad thing about the Family Planning experience in particular (even though she didn't have the gory billboard or anything) was that there WAS no choice at that point. We knew it wasn't a viable pregnancy and here was a rank stranger insisting that I listen to her and that there were alternatives. Why should I have to explain anything about my daughter's situation to a stranger?

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  1. The anti-choice tend to only view things in black and white. It's the same with the birth control debate raging now. They can't wrap their heads around the fact that women might need birth control for medical reasons other than preventing unwanted pregnancies. (And abortions!) And with abortion, they don't see the woman involved in this heart-wrenching choice - they see an incubator, and a fetus that they will stop caring about after it leaves the uterus. It doesn't matter if the pregnancy is life-threatening, the child is deformed or even dead in the womb. It's just all black and white to them - a baby or murder.