Friday, March 9, 2012

Our New Database !

Dear Volunteers and Supporters,
We are currently fighting a war on women's rights. It is hard for me to believe that in 2012 issues of birth control and abortion are still being debated. If we are to simply maintain the rights that currently exist we will need to fight for them.  

A few months ago a website was launched called The sole purpose of the site is to catalog personal information about clinic workers and doctors so that anti-choice zealots know who to harass and where to find them.

Voice of Choice is responding.

Our friends have purchased and a few other close domains. We are now in the process of setting up web pages that will have names, phone numbers, photos, and personal bios of the people who are responsible for, and other aggressive protesters. We will also profile legislators at all levels that are waging war on women's rights. Our new domain will be pointed to our new Voice of Choice pages.

The initial information will be complied by people building the site. The most exciting feature will be a place for you and the rest of the pro-choice community to upload information, videos, and photos of members of the bullying anti-choice ranks. 

Our new database will be available to Voice of Choice volunteers, media, and law enforcement. We are hoping to be a repository of video and eyewitness evidence that can be used to prosecute anyone violating the FACE Act or any local law designed to prevent harassment and intimidation.
It will provide a place for us to share information about the activities of the people that are most likely to become violent.  Its mere existence will make anyone protesting more personally accountable for his/her actions and less able to hide in a group. 

It stands to reason that this content will be highly scrutinized by people who find the existence of Voice of Choice annoying. They will take the first opportunity to sue for libel. So if we are to start and maintain a public database of those having aggressively tried to limit women’s rights, we will need at least a part time staff member to vet and filter new information before it is posted. 

For the very first time I am asking for your additional financial support. We need about $50,000 to build the site and hire a part timer to research information received from the public.
Our work to date has been nearly 100% accomplished by volunteers and we will continue to do everything we can with our limited resources.  However, this new project will require cash.

Please donate whatever you can to help build and launch our database.

Thanks again for your support.

Direct financial assistance can be given here:


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