Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Stand Up to Operation Rescue

Voice of Choice provides a calm measured response to anti-abortion bulling and harassment. Its actions have made the lives of people who bully and harass pro-choicers far more difficult, and for that reason they are training their forces on me and hoping to discredit me and Voice of Choice.

I was recently made aware of a website that is dedicated to me. It is full of defamatory and inaccurate information.

The person responsible for the website went to great lengths to hide his identity. It was registered anonymously using a paid service designed to shield people like this. With some legal arm-twisting I was able to find out that Troy Newman, the director of Operation Rescue is responsible for the site.

Troy Newman has a long history of inappropriate protesting. He has been arrested for protesting outside of a Catholic church in DC while Supreme Court Justices were attending mass and for littering outside an abortion clinic in Wichita.  Operation Rescue organizes protests at places like Notre Dame and other Catholic based institutions because they show signs of tolerance and compassion.  It is very active in organizing protests designed purely to intimate and harass people in indirect support roles of the abortion industry such as vendors and landlords.

Mr. Newman and his supporters are very good at promoting pro-choicers as aggressive and violent.  He and his supporters harass pro-choicers and then film the frustrated reactions.  They then edit the audio and video and anonymously post them on YouTube and blogs in order to garner support by making pro-choicers seem like aggressors.

We need to let Mr. Newman know we are here in numbers and ready to stand up to Operation Rescue.

Please call and email Mr. Newman – his contact information is below.

Please let him know that you think he is a coward and bully. Let him know that he will be held accountable for his (and Operation Rescue’s) actions, YouTube posts, blog posts, and defamatory websites.

When you call him, please be CALM and DO NOT ARGUE with him. Feel free to send just one email each and leave just one message, but if you do not speak with him directly please keep trying.

SO that we all get a chance to participate I am asking those of you with last names starting with A-H start today. IF your last name starts with I-R please make your calls starting on January 16 and the rest of you please start your calling on January 23.

I will send reminder emails on the 16rd and 23th.

Here is Troy Newman’s contact information:

Cell                                             316-841-1700
Central Women’s Center   316-668-0107
Operation Rescue               316-683-6790



  1. Also another e-mail address for Troy Newman is Operation Rescue is nothing more than a terrorist organization. You should also target Cheryl Sullenger his senior policy advisor who is just as likely as Troy to have contributed to the bogus website. 316-516-3034

  2. It turns out both of his email addresses - and - have been turned off.

    It seems the GMail address ( works. At least I have not gotten a bounce message yet.

    His cell phone goes directly to voicemail. His voicemail says "please use my alternate number" and nothing else.

  3. sent to pixie dust and newman.troy address.

  4. Aw shucks! I was hoping to see what Troy had to say about Todd. I'd appreciate it if anyone would tell me --