Sunday, December 4, 2011

Contacting John Dunkle and his wife, Margaret

Dear supporters and volunteers,

John Dunkle might be one person whose habits we cannot change. He seems to relish the attention Voice of Choice is lavishing upon him.
I have been told, however, that his wife Margaret would like him to find a new pastime.  I think we should all give her our sympathy and ask if we can help her to encourage John to find more productive ways to spend his time.
Please call Margaret at home at 610-796-0627.
Sympathize with her in that it must be difficult to be so close to someone involved in such a violent movement.
Encourage her and wish her the best of luck in convincing him to stop harassing women and clinic workers.
Tell her she will be in your thoughts/prayers and that you hope she has the support system needed to cope with his activities.
Please note that if anyone wanted to visit or write the Dunkles, they live at 214 Meadow Glen Lane Reading, PA 19607 (Note the corrected address).
Also, we could use more volunteers to help us in Germantown, MD on Monday from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. Please respond to this email if you think you will be able to make it. 

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