Sunday, November 20, 2011

Follow up to Allentown Women's Center Project

Dear supporters and volunteers,

It is my pleasure to report that the Allentown project is going very well. I am getting emails from volunteers who believe John and Joyce are getting the message. Please be assured that if we cannot convince them that what they are doing is not acceptable we have Phase II planned.

Here are a few things that I am hearing:
  • John's and Joyce's voicemail mailboxes are full. Again, please do not leave messages. If they do not answer, try again at another time. A sustained approach over time is an advantage to us.
  • John and Joyce are telling some callers that they are calling the police. Calling people to talk with them - in a non-threatening manner -- about things they are doing is not a crime, even if it is not invited.
  • They are scoffing at the idea that we will follow thru on plans to counter protest. So far, you have shown a huge willingness to help victims in need. I have no doubt that if we need to proceed to Phase II we will get all the support needed to deliver our message.
For those of you who want to be sure you are working with someone in need of our help, the following links have been provided by Jen Boulanger.
Dunkle protesting outside the clinic:

John Dunkle outside the doctor's house:

Joyce Mazalewski can be seen starting at about 1:03 on this video (the baby road kill comments):

Please remember to stay on message. Do not argue with them. Do not debate the issue of abortion with them. Be kind and polite in your tone, regardless of how agitated they may seem. Do not use foul language. Do not be threatening in any way, even if they attempt to bait you.
You have not all had a turn to speak with them, so please keep trying until you get through.
Thank you all again. Please keep spreading the word. 



  1. If you email John, you will get his (rather badly written and confusing) email letter. In that you will find a line:

    Wondering about the jump in circulation? As thanks for their efforts, I’ve enrolled all the killers’ helpers who emailed me.

    Doesn't bother me, I can trivially filter his email, but wanted to warn others.

    If anyone knows a lawyer who is familiar with CAN-SPAM, I believe we have a case against him as there is no clear unsubscribe link. There are serious monetary damages awarded for this behavior.


    P.S. You may want to think about having a link to the blog or website in the emails you send out. Took me a bit to find the link to here.