Saturday, November 19, 2011

Call for Volunteers for Allentown Women's Center - Phone Calls and Emails

Hello again volunteers and supporters,
Voice of Choice has been asked to help a doctor and clinic worker in central PA. 
Jen Boulanger runs the Allentown Women's Center in Allentown, PA. She and the Center's doctor are the targets of ongoing, terrifying harassment by self-proclaimed members of the "Army of God."
John Dunkle openly advocates violence towards abortion doctors. He admits he is too cowardly to commit violence himself, but tries to recruit people who are willing to be violent.  At least once a month he protests in front of Jen Boulanger's house, as well as the house of the Center's doctor.
Joyce Mazalewski has followed patients to their jobs, harassed them at work, and "outed" patients she recognizes from her neighborhood.  She humiliates them and shames them publicly.
Watch this 2009 story, which includes an interview with Jen, from The Rachel Maddow Show - Rachel describes the harassment as "bone chilling," which indeed it is.
Just like with our previous peaceful campaigns, I am asking each of you send one email and make one phone call each to John and Joyce. Please do not leave any voice messages, and when you do speak with them, be polite and calm. Do not engage in arguments.  Our goal is to diffuse aggressive behavior, not enflame it.  
Let them know:
1)    Protesting in front of people's homes is not acceptable
2)    Harassing people at their places of work is not acceptable
3)    We respect your opinions, but condemn your behavior
4)    If you choose to continue to protest people at their homes and workplaces, you can expect protests at your homes and workplaces.
John Dunkle's phone number is 484-706-4375. His email is and his home address is 204 S 4th Street, Reading, PA  19602.
Joyce Mazalewski's phone number is 610-366-1392. Her email is, and she lives at 3830 McIntosh Drive in Orefield, PA 18069.
And please keep in mind that many of these people record our phone calls without our knowledge and consent. Depending on which state they are in, it is not illegal.
Also, if anyone has video of heated anti-choice protesters from anywhere in the nation, please email them to me or send me a link.  We need documentation of these types of outrageous behaviors to demonstrate what is actually occurring.
If anyone has photos of aggressive protesters, we are starting a photo gallery on the Voice of Choice Facebook page --  Please upload any photos and, if you can, include their names, dates, and locale information. The photo gallery will help law enforcement nationwide track people who do not understand where to draw the line.
If you wish to remain anonymous and would like a free virtual phone number, just reply to this email and ask me for more information.
And finally, if you or someone you know is a victim of anti-choice harassment or bullying please let us know at We want to help.
Thank you for your continued hard work.


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  1. I have personally observed Joyce Mazalewski say the most shameful and hurtful things to women, like "They're going to make your baby look like road kill. So the next time you see road kill, think of your baby." Or, she'll scream "Mommy please don't kill me." Or another tactic she takes is to tell a man to "Be a good daddy and take care of your woman and your baby." She's told women that their relationship will be ruined by abortion, that their baby will haunt them at night, that God is offended by abortion, that all women regret abortion, that men regret lost fatherhood. She's just a bounty of "good" news.