Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Allentown Still Needs Help - Intro to Phase II

Dear supporters and volunteers,

I am writing with unfortunate news. Our respectful requests to John Dunkle to stop his aggressive behavior have not achieved our goal. He continues to protest in front of the homes of the Allentown Women's Center executive director and doctor. He has not gotten the message that his behavior is not acceptable.

So, as promised we must start Phase II of the Allentown Project.

It will take a few weeks to organize phase II and the delay is compounded by the fact we are asking for people's time during the holiday season.
So, until we are ready to begin phase II I am asking that each of continue to call and email Mr. Dunkle.

I am asking that each of you email and call to John. Please do not leave any voice messages and when you do speak with them be polite and kind in your message. Do not argue and respect his opinions.

Let him know:

1)     Protesting in front of people's home is not acceptable

2)     We respect your opinions, but condemn your behavior

3)     If you choose to continue the home and personal protests you can expect protests in front of your home.

4)     We will continue to call to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy MLK day, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Ground Hog's day ... etc.

John Dunkle's phone number is 484-706-4375. His email is johndunk@ptd.net and his home address is 204 S 4th Street, Reading, PA  19602.

He has told callers in the past that he is calling the police and scoffed at our ability and determination. Be assured that what we are doing is not illegal and that his petulant behavior is evidence that he is getting the message.

Also, please email Members@vochoice.org if you are in the Allentown, PA or Philadelphia, PA areas and are willing to help in Phase II in Allentown. Let me know how much time you can commit and what your schedule allows.

If you are not in central PA and are still willing to help, I will need to find a few people to vet volunteers and coordinate schedules. Please let me if you are willing to help in the administration aspects of Phase II. 


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