Friday, October 21, 2011

Defend Life plans on demonstrating at Breast Cancer Walk

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is in Baltimore this Sunday and Jack Ames is planning a protest with Defend Life.

Defend Life plans on demonstrating at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Baltimore on Sunday.
Anyone in the Baltimore area willing to let these people know how inappropriate this sort of protest is should show up to meet them.  
Everyone else should call Jack Ames to let him know that what he is organizing is inappropriate and misguided.
Here is a copy of their invitation they sent to members of Defend Life. 

Join me this Sunday, October 23 as we attempt to EXPOSE the Susan B. Komen RACE FOR THE CURE which annually gives MILLIONS of $$$ to PLANNED PARENTHOOD, the flagship of the ABORTION INDUSTRY!!!
We will hold signs similar to the one you see here along the HuntValley, Maryland race course.  Meet me at the LIGHT RAIL station on the North Side of Shawan Road in front of Hunt Valley Town Centre no later than 7:30 AM to get your sign and to find out the nearby location along the race route where we will want you to stand.  This entire event will last 2 hours at most so please DO NOT COME LATE!
This location is easily accessible from I-83 as well as by Light Rail.  There is plenty of FREE PARKING as well.
Long Live Christ Our King!
Jack Ames
          Director, DEFEND LIFE
                             410-337-3721 (H)
                                        410-961-2008 (C)

P.S. So we know exactly how many signs to make, please contact me no later than 3 PM on Saturday by email or better yet  by PHONE.
P.P.S.  Please wear your PRO-LIFE T-shirts! 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update on The Denver Project

Feedback and Follow Up in Denver

Voice of Choice  getting a lot of attention in Denver. The Denver Project's goal is to let the anti-abortionists know that we are here to stand up to their abuse. We are doing a nice job of it.  People on the list seem more dedicated than most. We have a phase II planed for the Denver project if we need it. I have included some links about the people on the list for those of you who are interested to see what kind of people we are dealing with. I have chosen NOT to include recordings of the vial and threatening phone calls I have received. 

The feedback I am getting from those of you that have made calls is consistent. Regardless of how they choose to spin the Denver Project on their blogs and websites the independent feedback is that they are not happy about being called. 

Some of you have reported on the conversations. You will not change their minds on the topic of abortion, and you should not try. Respect their position, but condemn their behavior. 

Overall, the Denver Project is going well. I welcome information on other individuals or groups that are harassing and bullying. I am very happy to launch more projects.

Getting so much information about the people we have targeted in the Denver Project is not easy or free. In this case, the private investigative work was paid for by someone other than Voice of Choice. But, our abilities moving forward will be limited to our resources. Please continue to support Voice of Choice. We need your talents, willingness to work, and donations to keep it alive.

If anyone has media contacts that might be interested in our mission and work to date, please pass their contact information to me.

The Denver Project is not over. If you have not called everyone on the list, please keep trying.  It has come to our attention that these phone conversations might be recorded without our permission and played back on the radio.  Please keep this in mind when placing your calls.

Thank you all.

Links about people we are targeting

Ken Scott

Jo Scott

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    The Denver Project

    Victims in Denver Need Our Help

    As you know, when my family and I became the target of a harassment campaign launched by anti-choice protesters, I decided to fight back. The peaceful counter-campaign that many of you helped with was a success by any measure, most dramatically by the fact that the harassment has completely stopped. In fact, the "Contact Todd Stave Campaign" (as they called it) has been suspended altogether.
    Now, it's time to help another victim of blatant anti-choice bullying. Please join Voice of Choice in launching a counter-campaign in support of The Denver Project.

    It is time we give the harassers a better understanding of what being a victim feels like. Attached is a list of people we need to call. Their behavior toward the clinics, doctors, and patients is best described as threatening and bullying. Victim reports are available upon request.

    It is time to fight back!

    Please call each person on the list just once. When you call be polite and sincere in your tone and demeanor. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM.
    Do not leave a voice message. If they do not answer call back at a later time.

    In your own words let them know when you call that:

    1)  We know who they are and we know that they are bullies trying to intimidate abortion providers and patients.

    2) We are ALL protected by the first amendment and that continued harassment will be met with a like response in the future. Our group is now 3000 strong and we know who they are and where they live.

    3) If everyone acted like them when they had a strong opinion about something we would live in a very unpleasant society. It is not their beliefs we object to. Their behavior will not be tolerated.


    If you would like a copy of the email with the names and phone numbers, please email

    If anyone needs information about how get a free virtual phone number that you can use to make these calls please let me know. The free virtual phone numbers also come with free long distance and free voice mail with voice mail messages that can be emailed. They are handy if you need to send voice mail messages to someone else.

    Victims in Denver need our help. Lets put an end to the harassment and bullying and stand up for women's rights.

    Thank you,
    Todd Stave, Director


    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Thank you from the Director

    To Our Supporters, Volunteers and Friends,
    I am at once humbled and motivated by the overwhelming response we have received to the creation of Voice of Choice. Politely retaliating against individuals who so boldly attacked my family, my community and me with nasty, misinformed harassment was one thing -- a very good thing, in fact. Discovering a new voice for pro-choice advocates has been something else altogether.

    Thank you for your show of support.

    Since the launch of just a few short weeks ago, we have attracted a veritable army of volunteers ready and willing to help in our newly proven strategy of person-to-person counter-campaigning against anti-choice bullying. I am grateful for the donations that have come in to Voice of Choice, as they will enable us to explore new counter-attack strategies, retain legal counsel and much more.

    Many victims of misguided anti-choice harassment have also contacted us, and we will be rallying soon to launch specific counter-campaigns on their behalf. If you volunteered to help make phone calls or send emails, we will be in touch with instructions on how you can help us fight back against specific, insidious and all too often erroneous anti-choice persecution. 

    We have had numerous offers of all kinds of professional assistance and have already organized a remarkable, core team of talented, proven professionals. However, we are in need of specific expertise in the areas of Public/Media Relations and Grant Writing. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping Voice of Choice with these communications efforts, please contact me at 202-241-6277 or email

    We will be in touch with you soon. Meanwhile, please be sure to "like" Voice of Choice on Facebook at and follow us on twitter at

    Todd Stave, Director